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Pet Colognes

Diana's Pet Colognes
Diana's Pet Colognes are a wonderful way to top off the grooming experience. Our colognes were the first water-based colognes - no drying alcohol! Safe for all pets.

Diana's Nisi's Bouquet Cologne
Nisi's Bouquet smells of sweet gardenia with a hint of jasmine. Water-based and safe for all mammals.

Diana's Pearl Apple Cologne
Pearl Apple Cologne has a lovely light Fragrence. Very long lasting but not sweet or heavy. Similar, we've been told (but in no way a copy or imitation) to White Shoulders perfume.

Diana's La Beau Cologne
La Beau has a lovely baby powder Fragrence. Light and fresh!

Diana's Irish Cream Cologne
Irish Cream has somewhat of a masculine scent with sandalwood lingering in the air.