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Ear & Skin Treatment

Diana's Easy Remo
Easy Remo is the easiest and best way to rejuvenate dry coats without the mess of a hot oil treatment. Just massage into the skin after a medicated bath, and it replenishes lost oils, and treats the skin with wonderful natural humectants and remoisturizers that give new life to dry skin, and cures dry skin itch immediately!

Diana's Remo Spray
A very effective, anti-imflammatory, topical dermal anti pruritic that uses natural melaleuca (tea tree oil) rather than steroids. In an extremely effective formulation of coconut oil, aloe, and vitamins A & D, in a water base, Remo Spray significantly reduces itching and hot spots on dogs, puppies and horses, and rapidly promotes new hair growth. Recommended treatment is spraying affected area three times daily and rubbing into the skin.

Diana's Novaderm Cream
An unique product designed for providing quick relief for pain or itching due to recent surgery and/or topical abrasions. It is wonderfully soothing and a natural antibiotic to help in the recovery of topical wounds.

Diana's Ear & Skin Cleaner
An unique formulation of boric acid & acetic acid in a water base with surfactants. This product gently and effectively eliminates all organic pathogens and fungi that may be found in the outer ear and ear fl ap area, including swimmers ear and most odor causing bacteria. The surfactant gently cleans soil and waxy buildup, and may be effective in treating earmites. This product is not oily, and has no alcohol so as not to cause any burning or discomfort, or create adjacent soiling problems resulting from violent ear shaking.

Diana's Ear Powder
The professional groomer's choice for aiding in gripping and removing unwanted hair inside the pets ear in order to facilitate proper and effi cient cleaning inside the ear fl aps. This is the professional procedure before using Diana's Ear & Skin Cleaner to complete the cleansing process.