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Field studies of dogs in the wild indicate the great importance of rawhide in their diet. After eating parts of their prey that contain essential carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and protein, the dogs would gnaw on bones to stimulate digestion and massage gums and teeth. Finally the dogs would eat the hide, which greatly helps to cleanse and stimulate the entire digestive tract.

Retriever Sticks
Plain or peanut-butter flavors. FE-2 12" Retriever Sticks or FE-2s 6" Retriever Sticks

Knotted Bone
FE-3 3" Knotted Bone, FE-5 5" Knotted Bone, FE-7 7" Knotted Bone, FE-9 9" Knotted Bone or FE-11 11" Knotted Bone

Large Pretzel
FE-132 Large Pretzel

Popular and quick selling rawhide munchies in different shapes and three color assortments - chocolate, vanilla, cherry coloring. Choose either Waffles, Pretzels, Donuts, Mini-bone shape, or Lollipops! 50 count.

  • Large Rolls - 50 count
  • Small Rolls - 200 count

Rawhide Frisbees
They really fly and are selling very well! All meat - they go bonkers for them! Small - approx. 6" & Large - approx. 10"

White Rawhide Shoes
An excellent impulse item and novelty treat for dogs & parrots. A consistent quick seller. Packed 10 per bag, small or large shoes.

Cow Hooves
Taking the nation by storm! The highest quality available! Great chew treats for dogs, puppies & parrots! If you are currently buying by the box or pound we can save you substantially. Can be purchased in bulk.

Smoked Pig Ears
Large, clean, in bulk. Bags of 25.

Bully Stix
Sometimes known as swizel sticks, these 10" treats are a popular snack among man's best friend. Can be purchased in singles or packs of 20.

Rawhide Baseballs & Footballs
Self-explanatory! Dogs go crazy for these oneof- a-kind treats, especially in a game of fetch.

Munchie Lollipops
Rawhide shapped like lollipops.