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Medicated Products

Diana's Aloe Tar Shampoo
Blends aloe, menthol, tar & sulfur in such a way it gently and effectively removes dry skin flakes that often cause itching. Used for many years by some of the best groomers in the world for all breeds of dogs. Excellent to use prior to a remoisturizing or oil treatment.

Diana's Mela-Med Shampoo
An herbal alternative for sulfur tar products. While sulfur tar products are very effective, some animals may be sensitive to them, as they may be to any topical product. The active ingredient in Mela-Med is melaleuca or tea tree oil.

Diana's Remo Spray
A very effective, anti-imflammatory, topical dermal anti pruritic that uses natural melaleuca (tea tree oil) rather than steroids. In an extremely effective formulation of coconut oil, aloe, and vitamins A & D, in a water base, Remo Spray significantly reduces itching and hot spots on dogs, puppies and horses, and rapidly promotes new hair growth. Recommended treatment is spraying affected area three times daily and rubbing into the skin.

Diana's Novaderm Cream
An unique product designed for providing quick relief for pain or itching due to recent surgery and/or topical abrasions. It is wonderfully soothing and a natural antibiotic to help in the recovery of topical wounds.